Dex’s Laboratory:
a funny freebie.

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One Lonely Ginger

One lonely ginger tried to learn french over night, but he f*ked up and now he speaks only about eggs and cheese.

My name is Mandark and I am Dexter's rival. He and I have been competing in science and other things for years and this race is just one more of those things where we try to beat each other, except I try to win by being sneaky and bad!

Mandark, Dexter’s rival

Fighting for Power

In a world where nobody understands him and his brilliant mind. Dexter is the first ginger we ever fell in love with, he is the original developer of evil deeds.

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“ the genius ”

Dexter is an extremely intelligent boy (a self described "Boy Genius") who has been creating fantastic inventions since he was a baby. He considers Albert Einstein to be his greatest influence. He is normally in conflict with his sweet 15-year-old sister Dee Dee. Dexter, though highly intelligent, often fails at what he has set out to do

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Dee Dee

“ the sister ”

Dee Dee is Dexter's extremely ditzy, simple-minded, energetic, hyperactive older sister, who inexplicably makes "squishy" sounds with her feet on every step. She usually, in one way or another, sabotages his experiments and destroys the lab every time.

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“ the rival ”

Dexter's arch-nemesis. Approximately equal in intelligence to Dexter, he too possesses his own laboratory, which has a very black-and-red color scheme to make it look more evil and may be organic-based. It also is sphere shaped, opposing the design of Dexter's Laboratory.

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